We integrate a wide variety of smart home technologies for easy control and monitoring using a single interface. You get that same interface on mobile devices, computers, wall touchpanels and your TV remote. Where required, we are happy to work with your existing tradespeople or recommend our own to get the subsystems in your home working together.


We make it easy for you to set the perfect temperature of your home regardless of the season or other conditions. Create a comfortable environment by making adjustments from the same touch screen you use to control your lights, shades, and home entertainment system. You can also monitor and control your thermostats from a mobile device.


We specialize in integrating a variety of smart products and safety systems to make your home more secure. Our fully integrated systems combine keyless entry, video intercoms, sensors and cameras to give you ‘master control’ over your entire home right on your smartphone. We can integrate your alarm system as well for total peace of mind no matter where you are.


Smart, centralized lighting controls create the perfect setting for any occasion. With the touch of a single button, you can select entire scenes for different moods such as “reading,” “entertain,” or “vacation.” Imagine hosting a dinner and pressing one button to set all lights and window coverings both inside and out. And a single-gang keypad gives more control than a wall full of conventional switches.


Answer your door from anywhere either in your home or out by seeing who arrived on a mobile device or any video screen. But that is just the start. Our intercom’s advanced motion analytics accurately identify between people and moving objects such as a passing car and swaying trees.This all but eliminates false alerts that cause many users of doorbell cameras to turn off the notices altogether.


See who is at the front door, check the baby in the nursery, or watch your children play in the yard on any TV or mobile device. All cameras and angles can be recorded to a hard drive or cloud-based recording system for future replay.


A smart lock is arguably the most important part of a truly smart, connected home. Not only will it allow you to come and go as you please, it will also monitor who is entering and leaving your home while you’re away. Use your phone to open and close doors and assign privileges to friends, family members, or maintenance staff.


Water is our most valuable resource. And it’s getting more and more expensive. Our smart sprinkler controls allow you to set exactly when and what to water. They know if it’s rained recently and how much to adjust for the recent moisture. Want to adjust for sun and cloud cover? Check your property cameras and see if you can skip a cycle, then reprogram right from your phone no matter where you are.


Easily access and manage your pool and spa anytime, anywhere. Control Pool and spa lights, temperature, pumps, jets, cleaners, water features and heaters. Have the air, water and spa readings right at your fingertips to make hourly, daily or seasonal adjustments. Not home? No problem. Your perfect pool runs on your smart phone. Have your pool ready when you are and save energy when you are not.


A smart home can tell you if something is amiss. Our sensors look for trouble and report to you in a text message, email or even a call. We add water sensors to key areas such as under the dishwasher, in bathrooms and near water pipes in the basement to sound an alert if there’s a leak or worse. Other sensors detect temperature swings, both high and low. It’s equally problematic if your air conditioning breaks while you are out of town, as when the heat stops working and pipes freeze.


We design a system that delivers control of your music in every room you desire. With smartphone, keypad or touchpanel controls in each room, a multi-room music system gives you access to all your favorite tunes. We’ll integrate your favorite streaming music libraries so they become an integral part of your system. You’re now just a swipe away from whatever you want to listen to wherever and whenever you like.


Watch anywhere, everywhere. Movies provide escape, inspiration, and influence how we view the world. Dedicating a space in your home for media room is an awesome experience for yourself, friends and family alike to come together and watch movies, a favorite TV series, or catch the latest game.


Motorized shades offer a host of benefits and add energy efficiency, comfort and privacy. Sensors detect the sun and set the shades to open to let in the warmth, then close at night for privacy. In the warmer months, they block the sun with a touch of a button. Programmable shades are ideal for large, hard-to-reach windows, while saving time and energy, and minimizing sun-fade on all fabrics.


Your garage doors are fully integrated into your smart home system. They are controlled by your ‘home’ app just like all other home systems right on any mobile device and send an alert if left open for more than a few minutes. Need to open the garage for a UPS delivery? Simple – the power is in your hand.


Motorized gates are more than a convenience. They form the first wall of your security system. Integrated into a full smart home system, you can control opening and closing from your smartphone. We add sensors to our gate controllers to let you know that the gate finished its cycle and closed, an important benefit if you have children or pest who might wander.


Rural homes and larger properties tend to offer privacy, with more than a few feet between one house and the next, but they present unique security challenges as well. If you have a long driveway that isn’t visible from the front windows, you may not know someone’s entered your property until they’re on your front porch.

Whether you want to increase security against unauthorized vehicles or you just want to know when your dogs have scampered across your property, a driveway alarm—which sounds an alert in your house when someone crosses a certain point on your driveway—can be an excellent way to know what’s going on beyond your view.

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